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What are the steps to renew a Mental Health Peer Specialist (MHPS) certification?

This article covers the requirements and steps you need to take to renew your MHPS certification.


There is a 6-month grace period for renewal of certifications. If you are renewing more than 6 months after your expiration date, there is a $50 penalty fee in addition to the recertification fee. If you are renewing more than 12 months after your expiration date, there is a $100 reinstatement fee in addition to the $50 penalty fee and the recertification fee) If you are renewing an expired certification you must print out and submit your paper application through email or mail to TCB since late fees cannot be fully processed through Certemy. You must go to TCB Website and use the Downloadable Application. 




Mental Health Peer Specialist- (MHPS)

 The MHPS certification shall be issued for a period of two (2) years, therefore requiring an individual to renew every two (2) years on that same date. The requirements for renewal shall be as follows:


1. Absent of any ethical or malpractice violations.


2. Submission of an application including a signed copy of the ethical standards for Mental health peer specialist.


3. Completion of twenty (20) continuing education hours of Mental health peer specialist continuing education, including three hours of ethics training by an approved provider.


4. Results of background check through DPS or IdentoGO within 30 days of application. 


5. The fee for renewal shall be $60.00. 


Texas Certification Board’s Certemy will email a renewal notification providing a link to our new certification system. You may reset your password or Login to begin the Renewal Application at: https://tcbap.certemy.com/entry/login


For Financial Support for Background Check Fees, Application Fees, and any questions you might have, please contact Support@PeerForce.org