How much does it cost for the Texas Peer Certification Application Processing Fee?

This article explains the TCB application processing fee and how much they charge for each application to be processed.

If you are applying to become a Texas Certified Peer Specialist you will be required to pay an Application Processing Fee to the Certification Board. This the first step of your online state peer application in Certemy account (TCB application portal).

You must pay this fee before they will complete the application process. If you are applying for the first time and do not currently hold an MHPS, RSPS, PSS or PRSS credential you will be required to pay a $60 application processing fee. If you currently hold a certified peer credential (MHPS, RSPS, PSS, or PRSS) and are applying for an additional credential (MHPS, RSPS, PSS or PRSS) then you will be charged a discounted rate of $20 application processing fee.