How much does MHPS training cost?

MHPS training is offered for different prices depending on where you take training.

Costs for the trainings are dependent upon the training entity where you apply to take the training. Some training entities include the entire cost of both the Core and Supplemental in their training fees, where other entities may require people to apply and pay for the Core training and the Supplemental training separately.

On average, the cost of Peer Specialist Core training is ~$150.00. The average cost currently for Peer Specialist (RSPS or MHPS) Supplemental training is ~$400.00. 

Browsing the PeerForce training calendar will show you trainings offered by different training entities and how much you would need to pay to attend. 

There are often scholarships and other financial assistance opportunities for Peer Specialist training. PeerForce keeps a consolidated list these different resources on our financial assistance page.