Mental Health Peer Specialist Certification Step-by-Step Guide

Step-by-step instructions and tips on every step of the Texas Mental Health Peer Specialist process


BEFORE YOU START: It is important to be aware that you will be required to pass a background check as part of the certification process. To learn about this process and the specific requirements, we recommend reviewing this article before starting the steps below. 

1. Complete the Texas Peer Specialist Orientation and Self-Attestation on the HHSC Website

Completing the online orientation is the first step to becoming a certified Peer Specialist in Texas. This orientation will provide you with an overview of the career field, help you gauge your readiness, and ensure that you meet the eligibility requirements needed to obtain your certification. 

The orientation information is located here

Save Your Letter of Completion

Once you read through the self-assessment questions and orientation resources, you will need to download and sign the attestation of completion located at the bottom of the HHSC webpage. You will need a copy of this to register for training. 

2. Register for Training with a Certified Training Entity

Peer Training in Texas is provided by independent Certified Training Entity organizations. You can register for Peer Specialist and Peer Specialist Supervisor through these organizations directly. PeerForce provides a consolidated calendar of various training dates offered in Texas. You can view this calendar to find an upcoming training opportunity. Training opportunities are offered in both in-person and virtual formats. The training entity you register with will provide all the information you need to attend the course.

Complete the Core Training Course

This core training is a 3-day 19.5 hour, in-person or online workshop that will give you a comprehensive overview of what peer support is, and what peer specialists do, and familiarize you with the role and functions of a Peer Specialist.

Complete the Supplemental Training Course

This training is a 40 to 46-hour, in-person or online training that helps peers learn and practice the essential skills for a Peer Support Specialist. In order to move forward with your state application, you must also pass a knowledge assessment at the end of the course.

For more information about the Core and Supplemental training requirements, check out our Training FAQs.

3. Apply for Certification with the Texas Certification Board

After you complete Core and Supplemental training, you must begin your application process with the Texas Certification Board (TCB).

TCB uses a digital application called Certemy that you will be uploading information into for the duration of your internship and supervision period.

Typically, the training entity you complete your training with will help you set up your Certemy application. However, if you are unsure about how to do this, or are having trouble you can contact us at for assistance.

4. Complete 250 Supervised Work Experience Hours

In order to gain MHPS or RSPS certification, you will need to complete 250 internship hours under the supervision of a Peer Specialist Supervisor (PSS), either in-person or online. These internship hours can be done on the job or in a volunteer position, as long as they are signed off on by a Peer Specialist Supervisor and logged in your Certemy application. Certemy will walk you through how to give PSS access to your application to log your work experience hours. 

💡If you are needing help finding a supervisor or a place to complete your work experience hours, check out our Work Experience and Supervision FAQs.

5. Submit Your Application

After completing the necessary internship hours, you will need to complete and submit your Certemy application with their Peer Specialist Supervisor’s information, all hours logged, and a Letter of Recommendation from their PSS.

After completing your 250 hours, ask your PSS for a Letter of Recommendation. Upload this to your Certemy account and submit it for approval.

Wait for certification; you will be notified by the TCB when your application has been reviewed and approved and will be sent your official Peer Specialist Certification.