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What are the steps to renew a Peer Specialist Supervisor certification?

This article covers the requirements and steps needed to renew a Peer Specialist Supervisor certification.

Step 1: Access the Renewal Application in Certemy

When it is time for you to renew your MHPS or RSPS certification, you will recieve an email notification from the Texas Certification Board informing you that a renewal application has been added into your Certemy account.

If you did not recieve an email reminder, or if your renewal application was not added into your account automatically, you will need to contact the Texas Certification Board and ask them to add one into your Certemy account.

Step 2: Upload CEU Information

PSS renewal requires you to submit proof of  20 continuing education hours of Peer Specialist Supervisor continuing education, including 6 hours of peer specialist supervision and leadership training by an approved provider.

If you need help finding CEUs, you can find a list of TCB approved CEU providers through the TCB website. You can also find Continuing Education Opportunities within the continuing education section of your Certemy renewal application.

Step 3: Complete a Background Check and Upload your Results

Follow the instructions within your Certemy application on how to schedule a background check.

Click here to see FAQs on the background check process.

Step 4: Pay the Re-certification Fee

The fee for recertification is $60.00 dollars. Following the instructions in your Certemy application will let you choose a preferred payment method. 

Step 5: Final Review

After providing the above information, you can submit your application to TCB for final review. This step will update automatically when the review is done and you will be notified via email.