What are the steps to becoming a Certified Family Partner (CFP)?

This article outlines the steps to becoming a Certified Family Partner.

(*NOTE: If you are not already working as a family partner, the best way to become a family partner is through employment. The PeerForce suggestion is to start applying for any 'family partner' job you find. The job posting might say, "Must be in good standing with Texas Certifications Board" or "Must be Certified". However, most employers do not know that in fact you have "one year from your hire date" to get State Certified, if the job requires state certification at all. if you are not interested in 'Full State Family Partner Certification', you can still work as an uncertified family partner, family systems navigator, parent liaison and so forth.  There are many jobs in this field to choose from. Local Mental Health Authorities (LMHAs) have many family partner job openings. You can find your LMHA on the Texas Council of Community Centers website. Please do your research and consider your volunteer or employment options)  


Who is eligible for Certified Family Partner (CFP) Training?

In order to become a Certified Family Partner, an applicant must meet the following criteria:

(1)  be 18 years of age or older;

(2)  have a high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate issued in accordance with the law of the issuing state;

(3)  have at least one year of personal experience as a parent or Legal Authorized Representative (LAR) raising a child or youth with serious emotional disturbance or mental illness;

(4)  have at least one year of personal experience as a parent or LAR navigating a child-service system (e.g., mental health, juvenile justice, social security, or special education); and

(5) successfully completed and passed the TCB/HHSC-approved certification process.

(Cited -TAC 353.1415(d) )


How do people register or apply for training?


You can apply directly through the Centralized Training Infrastructure (CTI) website.

You must have an agency email to participate in CFP Training (No personal email accounts). Your agency/agency email must also bill Medicaid or have a contract with Health and Human Services Commission for peers to get the family partner training with CTI. 

Once a training is announced you will be able to register for the training, as long as the registrants meet specific eligibility requirements for that training. Currently, CTI plans to offer Family Partner Certification training as often as possible. 

It is extremely important that individuals read the entire training announcement and eligibility requirements before registering for a training. You may request to be included on CTI’s email distribution list to receive training announcements by contacting the helpdesk at ctihelp@uthscsa.edu.



Does completing training make you certified or is there another application?


Completing the training does not make you a Certified Family Partner. There are several steps that need to be completed to become certified.

●      Step 1 completion of certification training

●      Step 2 Passing Exam

●      Step 3 complete initial application on the Texas Certification Board website

Please click here to visit the Texas Certification Board Certified Family Partner certification process and application.

Once you have completed your training and passed the exam, you will go to the Texas Certification Board to complete your application to submit for approval.


Who handles CFP recertification?


The Texas Certification Board handles recertification for CFPs. Individuals must recertify every two years in order to maintain their certification. The recertification requirements are: 

  1. Absent of any ethical or malpractice violations.

  2. Completion of twenty (20) hours of continuing education in the form of Continuing Education certificates.

  3. Submission of an application including a signed copy of the ethical standards for Certified Family Partners.

 To access the TCB recertification process and application, please click here.


How many CEUs does a CFP need for recertification? 


The certification period for a Certified Family Partner is two (2) years.  To remain certified, a family partner must complete a minimum of twenty (20) hours of approved Continuing Education Units (C.E.U.s) and must submit an application for recertification to the Texas Certification Board.


How do I know what training is suitable for CFP CEUs?


There are many CEU options available on the CTI website. In order for your CEUs to count toward recertification they must be taken with a TCB approved CEU provider. 


For a list of TCB approved CEU providers you may click here. The Centralized Training Infrastructure (CTI) advertises and offers online courses for recertification. Courses taken need to be geared toward Family Partners and/or Peers. 


To view upcoming CTI courses, please click here to visit their website.


*Please read the entire posting before registering for a course. Some courses have specific eligibility requirements that may exclude CFPs.



What are Advanced and Master level CFPs?


To read the full article on CFP Advanced Levels and requirements read  What are Advanced and Master Level CFPs.