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What are the Steps to Becoming a Certified Mental Health Peer Specialist (MHPS)?

This is a step by step article outlining the process to obtaining the Texas Mental Health Peer Specialist Certification.

Note: the process for becoming a MHPS and RSPS is the same; for each respective certification, the difference will be the training modules you choose to participate in. Be sure to select the right training for your desired certification. 


1. Complete Online Self-Assessment and Orientation on HHS Website

        Self-assessment is required to determine if you are eligible to become a MHPS or RSPS. You can find the link to the required self-assessment and orientation here.


2. Fill out, save, and print the attestation that you completed the self-assessment and orientation

This attestation is required to apply for the training you need to become an MHPS or RSPS.



3. Apply for training with a certified training entity.

You can find certified training entities with the Texas Certification Board. You can also look at PeerForce’s training calendar here.



4. Complete the core peer services training.

This core training is a 6 to 8 hour, in-person or online workshop that will give you a comprehensive overview of what peer support is, what peer specialists do, and what you should know before registering for 5-day supplemental training. In order to register for 5-day supplemental training, you must also pass a knowledge assessment at the end of the course.


5. Complete the SUD Recovery Coach or Mental Health Peer Training

This training is a 40 to 46 hour, in-person or online training workshop that helps peers learn and practice the essential skills for a Peer Support Specialist. In order to move forward with your state application, you must also pass a knowledge assessment at the end of the course. 


6. Apply for Certification with the Texas Certification Board

After you complete Core and Supplemental training, you must begin your application process. Applications for RSPS and MHPS certification are handled digitally through the online module Certemy. You will be uploading information into this Certemy account for the duration of your internship and supervision period. You must complete this application before beginning your internship. 


  1. Create an account through Certemy. For MHPS certification, click here. For RSPS certification, click here

  2. Complete the 10 steps required in your Certemy account, including the background check through IdentoGO.

  3. Once these steps are completed, you will have full access to your Certemy account and be able to begin your internship and supervision period.

Need help paying for your background check and/or state application fee? Look at PeerForce’s financial aid page here.


7. Complete 250 hours initial supervised work experience

In order to gain MHPS or RSPS certification, one must complete 250 internship hours under the supervision of a Peer Specialist Supervisor (PSS), either in-person or online. Your internship period will remain open for 6 months, or until you complete the necessary 250 hours.


  • Your PSS will input your internship hours. Go to your Certemy account and invite your supervisor to give them access to your hours.

  • If you are unable to complete 250 hours within 6 months, email admin@tcbap.org to request an extension.

    Need help finding a Peer Specialist Supervisor? Look at PeerForce’s Peer Supervision page here.


8. Receive first 2-year certification

After completing the necessary internship hours, one must complete and submit their TCB application with their Peer Specialist Supervisor’s information, all hours logged, and a Letter of Recommendation from their PSS.


  • After completing your 250 hours, ask your PSS for a Letter of Recommendation. Upload this to your Certemy account and submit it for approval. 

  • Wait for certification; you will be notified by the TCB when your application has been reviewed and approved.


You will remain certified for 2 years. For information on continued training and recertification, click here


For further help, please contact us at support@peerforce.org