What can I do if my application was denied due to my background check results?

The Texas Certification Board offers 2 solutions for individuals who's justice involved history prohibits their ability to obtain full certification as an RSPS or MHPS

If your MHPS or RSPS application was denied due to the results of your background check, don't worry. There are two options available that can help you continue your journey to a career in Peer Support: requesting a Justice Involved Exception through TCB, or maintaining your Peer Specialist - Initial designation indefinitely. We will cover both of these options in this article. 

Justice Involved Exception Process

The Texas Certification Board Justice Involved Exception Process (JIEP) allows an individual to apply for an exemption if their application has been denied due to the results of their background check. 

There are some important things to know before deciding to apply using the JIEP: 

1. You must apply using the JIEP with 30 days of your certification application being denied

2 TCB will not review JIEP applications unless a specific amount of time has passed since the date you were convicted of the offense you are appealing. The table below shows the time period required before the JIEP can be used for each category of offense. 

Category of conviction

Time period after conviction to qualify for Exception Submission


Lifetime (not eligible for exception, must submit an appeal)


Five (5) years


Five (5) years


Three (3) years


Two (2) years

3. You can not currently have outstanding charges or arrests.

4. You will need to submit the following information as part of the JIEP: 

  • a signed personal statement, no longer than one page. You will need to attest to the Standards Committee how you have changed since your conviction date and your self directed recovery lifestyle.
  • three signed letters from sponsors or coaches who have worked with the individual.
  • Signed statements/letters from employers, counselors, or any person who can verify the applicant has continued to successfully lead a recovery lifestyle.
  • Provide another justice involved background check or other official documents indicating that the charge/arrest has been resolved.

PeerForce is not does not oversee the Certification or Justice Involved Exception Process, and can not provide additional information on these processes other than what is listed in this article. For any inquiries about the JIEP, please contact the Texas Certification Board directly. 


Maintain the Peer Specialist - Initial Designation