Can I get Certified if I have a Criminal Record?

If you are worried about the results of your background check keeping you from obtaining an RSPS or MHPS certification, check out this article to know what to expect.

Attention: Please be aware that the only way to know if your application will be denied due to your background check is by submitting your application to the Texas Certification Board (TCB). The suggestions in this artice are written by the PeerForce team, not TCB. 

If you are concerned that your background check will keep you from obtaining your RSPS or MHPS certification, the first thing we would recommend is that you take a look at the list of offenses provided in the TAC: List of Offenses.

If you have a conviction for any of the listed offenses, and it is within that offenses respective timeframe of disqualification, there is a good chance your RSPS or MHPS application will be denied. 

Additionally, most applications will be denied if you are still on probation, parole, or having any open charges or arrests. 

If you are concerned about your ability to pass a background check because of previous involvement with the criminal justice system, we encourage you to reach out to The Texas Certification Board to discuss what options may exist for you to continue your journey as a peer supporter.