What do I do if my certification application expired?

This article gives you information on what to do if your initial application has expired or its been more than a year from when you started.

Once you have completed Core and Supplemental training, and started your state application through the Texas Certification Board (TCB), you are given six (6) months to complete your internship hours and apply for your full RSPS or MHPS certification.

If you do not complete your hours within the six (6) month period you may email TCB at admin@tcbap.org to request an extension. If approved, you will be given another six (6) months to complete your hours. 

If you d0 not complete your 250 supervised internship hours and it has been over a year since TCB extended you your initial certification you will need to reapply with TCB for the initial MHPS and/or RSPS certification. 

TCB will allow you to request a second (2nd) extension if you have extenuating circumstances for not completing your 250-hours during your first (1st) extension period. To request a second (2nd) extension you will need to email TCB at admin@tcbap.org. You will be required to disclose your reason for requesting a second (2nd) extension. They will also require you to have a location locked in to complete your hours and have a Texas Certified Peer Specialist Supervisor lined up to oversee your hours. It is at the discretion of TCB to award you the second (2nd) extension.