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What is a Peer Specialist Supervisor (PSS)?

This article summarizes the role, responsibilities, and ethical guidelines for Peer Specialist Supervisors.

A Peer Specialist Supervisor (PSS) is a person who supports and guides a peer specialist after they obtain their certification. A PSS will oversee peer specialists while they provide the necessary components of peer work, such as giving recovery-oriented peer services, skill building, ethical problem solving, optimizing professional growth, and performing administrative duties.

Some of the key responsibilities of a PSS include:

  • Providing orientation and training to Peer Specialists
  • Developing and implementing service plans for Peer Specialists
  • Conducting regular supervision sessions with Peer Specialists
  • Providing ongoing feedback and support to Peer Specialists
  • Ensuring that Peer Specialists adhere to ethical and professional standards
  • Monitoring the quality of services provided by Peer Specialists
  • Identifying and addressing any issues or challenges that arise in the course of service delivery

Overall, Peer Specialist Supervisors play a critical role in ensuring that Peer Specialists provide high-quality, effective support to individuals they work with. By providing guidance, support, and leadership, PSSs help to ensure that new Peer Specialists are ready and supported as they step into their peer support careers.