Where can I find a PSS to supervise me?

Here are some examples of where our customers have found a PSS to oversee them while completing their work experience hours.

1. Check with your Organization

This might sound obvious, but sometimes organizations can be so big that it might not be clear that there is someone with a PSS certification on staff. Check with your manager or HR person and ask if there is an on staff PSS who might be able to supervise you.

2. Check with your Training Entity

If you have completed Peer Specialist training, your instructors may know supervisors in your area, or have on staff supervisors that could help you. Reach out to your training entity and see if they can help you.

3. Contact other Peer Organizations

Reach out to Peer Organizations in your area and ask if they have any Peer Specialist Supervisors on staff. You can also inquire about any upcoming trainings or events where you may have the opportunity to network with potential supervisors.

4. Utilize PeerForce

Offers several online resources that can help you find a Peer Specialist Supervisor. Our PSS Page has supervisors from around Texas that you can reach out to. You can also search for local peer support organizations on our job board and Texas Peer employer map.